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Tips on Talking with the Hard of Hearing

Following these tips when talking with the hard of hearing can help to get the message across.  Hearing instruments help, but cannot restore hearing to normal.


We are all creatures of habit, and it is no different with our speech habits.  We tend to talk at a certain rate and level that we have become comfortable with over the years.  Sometimes these habits get in the way of good communication.  For example, we often try to multi-task, speaking at the same time that we are attending to other matters or we speak to someone from another room.  We may make a brief comment that we dismiss as unimportant if the hard of hearing person misses it, leaving them puzzled and sometimes irritated.  Practice using these tips, and ask the hard of hearing person to remind you when you slip up.  For example, we may slow our rate of speech down for a few sentences, but find ourselves speeding up to a faster  habitual rate without noticing it.  The hard of hearing person has to practice too, actively listening, watching, and attending to a person who has gotten their attention and wishes to talk with them.  Our thoughts that we communicate are like the ball used in a game of catch.  Just as in tossing a ball, the person throwing the ball has to be accurate, and the person catching the ball has to be ready.


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